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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita Arc 4 – Procrastination Loop

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Time seems like a very straightforward concept. It flows at a steady pace, affecting everything and everyone. From the smallest cell to the giant stars, we all operate on the same mechanic of time. Despite the sheer logic behind time, we often have strange, impossible ideas of time travel, stopping time, even killing our own grandfather because we don’t want to born. We also like wasting time for some inexplicable reason, despite knowing that we have to get eventually from Point A to Point B. We seem to like to take the odd detour, stop and chat to the random friend. In our current modern peak, we have even more options to waste time on things such as Facebook, Youtube, games and such. Anything to delay the inevitable it seems.

Blame the traffic.

Before humanity’s development of surplus, that is our ability to grow and harvest enough food, our time was precious. Food and water had to be found before we could call it a day. Shelters had to be found, locations had to be travelled to once the few available resources were depleted. Delay was death, unlike say a loss of a few marks on an assignment. Nowadays, things seem to drag on and on, we give ourselves as much time as possible, we like to procrastinate.

Instinctive Sweet Making

Time management is an important skill for any aspiring human. Learning to be in the right place and the right time seems easy, but when you’re needing to hand in a couple of assignments in the face of also needing to attend to compulsory meeting, suddenly you find yourself wishing you had a little more time, a few more of You to help handle the job, our maybe travelling back in time to warn yourself of doing the assignments before facing a crisis. Fantastical time management involves all of these thing, and a little more such as unexpected time loops and time paradogs [?!].

Don't take food from fairies!

Watashi in this case is the unfortunate victim of her own humanity and an experimental case of time management. The alluring activity of candy making and her objective of finding the Assistant provides for a slip up of an adventure where she almost becomes her own grandmother, meets herself several dozen times, unwittingly creates the identity of a boy and loses a watch. Now if we talk about detours towards our goals in life, that’s some serious detours. There’s also another party with a goal in this arc, a goal of delicious sweets, they’re smiling all the time, and they’re clearly always up to something, they are the fairies. Now the fairies in this case are like a particularly nagging accountant offering to do your tax returns in exchange for a little something. They take care of an unavoidable problem which requires a great deal of time, although you’re going to have to leave particularly important details to them. The details in this case are the Assistant himself.

This had me thinking of Fry in Futurama

Now this episode made good use of the Bootstrap Paradox (kudos to MAL forums). There’s two particular things of concern here, the origin of the watch and how the finer details of the assistant such as his appearance and personality. Without a time loop, we may never know if these two in particularly would have ever existed, the assistant may very well have been a completely different person aside from the already definitive details of his height, weight etc. However a bugged time loop, a bigger detour than expected allowed for a strange epiphany moment for Watashi, allowing her to close the loop once and for all, giving rise to a personality and a few weird dogs along the way.

How many fairies did I meet today....

This show takes an aspect of modernity, in this case our habit of procrastination and adds a touch of fantasy to it creating a extremely bizarre adventure. In this arc, the fairy factor was incredibly high, turning a small detour into a large one. The message here though, is as much as procrastination creates problems, it can also create unexpected solutions and even that moment of epiphany we sometimes need. That’s not to say let’s all hop on Facebook or Youtube all the time and hope our assignments and jobs fix themselves, but in this busy world, we should still find sometimes to ourselves and think. About what? Whatever you want to. Although I will say, showers are the best moments for inspiration. Why? I have no idea to be honest…

Well I now I hope you aren’t procrastinating while reading this post, and I certainly am not procrastinating by writing this post and watching Jinrui either “cough”, so I’ll leave you folks here now until next time.


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  1. Another nice interpretation. There are so many in this episode. I did not really think of it this way.

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